Real Name: Bryan Matthew Grant
Aliases: none
Occupation: Adventurer, crime fighter, former mercenary, class 10 SHOCK agent
Place of birth: NY, New York City

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Superhuman powers: Blaze is a mutant with the ability to rapidly heal the damaged areas of his body,he can heal a deep cut in several minutes and can regenerate an limb in about 6 months. The Thermal energy and gamma radiation that bombarded his body increased the power of his healing factor, and enhanced his strength (Lifting up to 2 tons), durability, speed, and agility to superhuman levels. It also greatly increased his sense of smell, enabling him to track almost anyone by scent. A combination of metal melting thermal energy and a massive amount of gamma gave him the ability to generate and manipulate fire and channel it out of his hands (and sometimes his feet) in the form of powerful, gamma irradiated fire blasts that are strong enough to punch through a 4 inch thick steel plate, although, this is physically draining for Blaze, and he must allow his body to "recharge" before he can preform more sophisticated fire attacks. Blaze possesses the acrobatic prowess of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Iron fist and he is able to dodge a bullet at point blank range. Blaze can also jump up to 15 ft.

Abilities: Blaze is a master of stealth, and can infiltrate almost any kind of high tech base or facility without being detected, thanks to his ninjitsu training. He is very skilled at combat driving, and has learned improved vehicle designs.Such as motorcycles,cars,jet-ski,plane,and helicopter. He was trained by various agents of SHOCK and SHIELD in the art of espionage, in pressure points, and advanced vehicle operations. He's been thoroughly trained in marksmanship by the master archer and marksman Hawkeye, giving him deadly skills with a gun. Blaze is an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, having mastered virtually every fighting style on earth, due to his extensive training by the Shuriken clan of ninjas and the agents of SHOCK/SHIELD.Blaze knows several different languages such as Chinese,Spanish,and Russian.Blaze is a very talented athlete from 9th grade through 12th he was extrordinary football player.    

Weapons: Blaze always carries his trusty katana, which is very sharp it can cut through a 5 inch thick titanium. Blaze also carries dual desert eagles both equip with silencer attachments and laser pointers,just in case they try to run. Blaze carries specially designed bullets for his guns ("babies") he has sleep darts,rubber bullets,BB's,regular bullets,and more. Blaze also has several gadgets such as glaives,smoke bombs,flash bang,shuriken, and truncheons.    

Origin: Bryan was born a mutant to due to an accident where his father, Joshua Grant, who worked at Spalding Chemical plant, fell into a bath of toxic waste, which almost killed him. He was soon cured by an anti-toxin developed by famous research scientist Travis Carter. The accident altered Josh's genetics permanently. This soon led to his son Bryan, being born with accelerated healing. Years later after Bryan graduated, he was asked to help with a project by NASA to create a space probe that could absorb massive amounts of heat so they could learn more about the sun. To make the probe more effective, it was being powered with gamma radiation in addition to thermal energy. Bryan was testing the probe one last time before its launch, and there was sudden misfire while he was repairing it. The probe practically exploded right in his face, unleashing the energy held inside it. Bryan was bathed in thermal energy and gamma radiation, which but him in the hospital. He was soon back on his feet in only a week, which stunned his parents and the hospital staff, because he'd lost most of his skin in the blast. Bryan soon discovered he was super strong, and he was faster and more agile than any human was. His sense of smell had also been enhanced. But what amazed him the most was his ability to project fire directly from his hands. Due to a finical cut, Joshua soon lost his job at Spalding, and his parents where plunged into poverty.

Desperate to help his parents, Bryan soon started secretly accepting assassination jobs, namely for those whom he felt diserved death. He soon accumulated enough money to help his parents, but most of it went to a trip he made to china where he sought out the Shurikens, an ancient clan of ninjas that were willing to train anyone if they thought they were "pure". Brian lied to them, telling them he'd use his powers and skills to fight in justice, but he'd really use it to become a high profile mercenary. Now armed with his powers and lethal combat skill, he established a name for himself as Blaze, a mercenary that would only accept a job, no matter how difficult it was, if large profit was to be made. He was soon noticed by Kingpin, who hired him to kill the best man of SHOCK, Agent-3. Although Blaze put up a good fight, he was no match for the top class SHOCK agent and was defeated. Angry, Kingpin soon found out Blaze's secret identity, and sent his best 2 assassins, Bullseye and Elektra, to murder Bryan's parents, as payback for failing him. Blaze found both of his parents dead in their own home. A rose was left nearby,indicating it was the work of Kingpin. Bryan then realized he was the cause of their death. Enraged, he tracked Fisk to his Manhattan base. Blaze confronted him, and beat him badly before Fisk stunned him and escaped, claiming that this was only the beginning of the pain he'd bring Bryan's way.

Filled with guilt, Bryan vowed to use his powers to help people, as a chance to redeem himself and makeup for past sins. After narrowly registering as a SHOCK agent, Bryan received more training from fellow agents, and the expert archer and marksman Hawkeye even offered to teach him. Bryan recently joined the Heroes For Hire when New york was attacked by a vampire overlord that called himself Dracinis.